About Us

Lightway Security Solutions offers integrated security solution and we also conduct free risk audit to assist you as a client to reduce risks and deter criminals with visual presence. Lightway Security Solutions and all its employees are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulator Authority (PSira) and comply with all the requirements as laid out in the private security regulator Act 56 of 2001 and subsequent regulations. All our employees are in possession of a training certificate obtained from accredited training centers with relevant grades as prescribed by the law. All security personnel placed at your premises are vetted, screened and criminal records checked before employment. Security personnel placed on your site will be dressed in full company uniform and equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform their duties in a professional manner as prescribed by you. Premises are regularly visited during day and night shifts by operations manager or a member of the management team to ensure that the services rendered exceed your expectation. The management team avail itself upon request for any meeting with you to ensure continuity as a partner in supplying professional services. Lightway Security-Solutions is an experienced and dynamic firm led by a team that is determined to make a difference in the security industry by offering personalized security services to our clients. Lightway Security-Solutions have been accredited Level 1 in terms of BBBEE codes of good practice.

Security sevices

At Lightway Security Solutions, we offer a superior professional force that can meet all of your safety and security concerns. We want to make sure that you are adequately protected and secured, so we employ the best professionals who have undergone an intensive training period.Our primary goal is your safety and security. We believe that you deserve an excellent security team who can always protect you and keep you safe. Here at Lightway Security Solutions, we offer a variety of protection services that can be customized to fit your needs.We make sure that all our security guards are equipped with a two way radios that allow regular communication with our management team.We also have technology that allows us to properly screen our security guards movements so that they are always active on the job.Our company offers cutting-edge technology that transforms and enhances the work of the modern security gurd. Lightway Security Solutions outperforms other security companies in the market because we equip the best officers with the best technology. All of our systems are implemented to promote enhanced job performance, and keep us vigilant in any emergency.At lightway Security Solutions we dont only send security guards but send supervisors and our directors make sure that the security guards adhere to our rules,regulations and ordinance.Our supervising team also ensures that our security guards are always doing their job properly so that you can be safe.If you prefer you can also communicate with our supervising team so that you can get the best security and protection services.

Armed & Unarmed Guards

When a Lightway Security Solutions Guard is on site, you can rest assured that all of your security needs are being met, and surpassed. Thats because Lightway Security Solutions Guards are highly trained individuals who must pass various testing requirements before they are allowed to wear our uniform. Regularly administered background checks and technical skill certifications are just among a few of our quality control protocols that ensure our unmatched standards for excellent quality of service. Our security guards are trained for any environment and can handle any security challenge your organization may be confronted with.

Risk Assessment

Lightway Security Solutions can provide you with a security and safety analysis of your location(s) to help you identify which services will provide the results you seek. security.

On/Offsite Monitoring & Support

In today's economy, as morale is lowered crime levels rise. Many businesses, especially with high value office equipment, become an easy target for criminals due to the lack of investment in proper site surveillance. Many times, a simple installation of a camera internally and/or externally may deter and aid in discouraging such acts. Assigning a designated person to monitor the video surveillance feed reinforces the effectiveness when attempting to prevent crimes.Lightway Security Solutions can provide standalone or fully integrated security solutions for businesses of any size. Whether large or small, a single location or multiple sites, Lightway Security Solutions has the experience and expertise to meet your unique requirements. Let our state-of-the-art technology protect your assets and save you money