About Us

Lightway Security Solutions offers integrated security solution and we also conduct free risk audit to assist you as a client to reduce risks and deter criminals with visual presence. Lightway Security Solutions and all its employees are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulator Authority (PSira) and comply with all the requirements as laid out in the private security regulator Act 56 of 2001 and subsequent regulations. All our employees are in possession of a training certificate obtained from accredited training centers with relevant grades as prescribed by the law. All security personnel placed at your premises are vetted, screened and criminal records checked before employment. Security personnel placed on your site will be dressed in full company uniform and equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform their duties in a professional manner as prescribed by you. Premises are regularly visited during day and night shifts by operations manager or a member of the management team to ensure that the services rendered exceed your expectation. The management team avail itself upon request for any meeting with you to ensure continuity as a partner in supplying professional services. Lightway Security-Solutions is an experienced and dynamic firm led by a team that is determined to make a difference in the security industry by offering personalized security services to our clients. Lightway Security-Solutions have been accredited Level 1 in terms of BBBEE codes of good practice.


Government Sector

With a proven track record in government facilities management, Facilities First are committed to the provision of high-quality services in which the first priority is the safety and compliance.

Health & Aged Care Sector

Care is at the heart of everything we do, and we apply this to the needs of health and aged care facilities, providing a safe and comfortable environment necessary for your staff and patrons.

Commercial and Retail Sector

Retail conditions vary enormously, so we take a flexible approach to commercial facilities management, responding to any unforeseen issues and requirements.

Hospitality Sector

Managing and maintaining the needs of a fast-paced, high-volume hospitality industry has always been a strength within our business.We have perfected the art of enhancing visitor experience through our services